Philip and Hannah DIVORCE

Here we find Philip's fathers name is John.  - Ron

References:  Goss Family History, page 17, 1939 manuscript by Paul H.
Goss.  Located at the New England Historical and Genealogical Society in
Boston, MA.

Divorce of Hannah Hopkins (April 1690) - "Colonial Hopkins and Some of
Thier Descendants" notes by Timothy Hopkins, edited by Margaret Griffith,
San Francisco, 1951, page 76.  Condensed version follows:

     "Hannah bapt in the church in Roxbury by Rev John Eliot March 6,
1660, m Philip Goss, a sailor, the son of John Goss.  On April 16, 1678
Hannah Hopkins was censured in the Church with admonication for
fornication with her husband before ye were married and for flying away
from justice unto Road Island (Record of the Commissioners of the City of
Boston).  On October 9, 1678 Hannah Hopkins alias Gosse was called to
confess her sins & manifest her repentance for fornication and running
away to Road Island.   She confessed and was absolved and received to
take hold on the covenant (Roxbury Church Records).  In 1690 Goss applied
for a divorce on the grounds that she had left him and married another
man in Jamaica (Early records of S.J.C. of Massachusetts, file 2553), to

     To the honorable Simon Bradstreet Esq. Gov., Thomas Davenport Esq
Dep Gov. and the rest of the Honorable Magistrates Sitting in Court of
Assistants at Boston April 8, 1690.  The humble Petition & Motion of
Philip Goss humbly showeth:  That your petitioner about twelve or
fourteen years ago was married to Hannah Hopkins, daughter of William
Hopkins of Roxbury and lived with her some years, but the petitioner
being a sailor, and he being away at sea, the said Hannah removed to
Boston and went to Jamaica with one Thomas Waafe, and told him her
husband had sent for her to Jamaica.  Mr Waafe left her there, and since
that time he hath been there several times and saw said Hannah and she
informed that she was married to one John Murray, a joyner, with whom she
now living and hath a child by him said Murray borne of her body as she
owned to Mr. Waafe and also to John Larkin whose evidences are now in the
hands of Worshipfull Jno Phillips Esq.  I have also a certificate from
the clerk of ye Parish of Port Royall in Jamaica of her being married to
said Murray.  The premises being considered your petitioner humbly
request the favor of this honorable Court that according to the Laws of
God and this Jurisdiction he may be Divorced from said Hannah.  She
having broken convenant with him as may appear and your said petitioner
shall as in duty bound shall ever pray.  Philip Goss

Marriage to Mary Prescott contained in Concord MA Births, Marriages &
Deaths 1635-1850, Nashua Library - married by Justice Minott, Page 42.