Meaning of Goss Name


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Does the name of Goss have a meaning thanks Greg

It usually means that people will call you Gross, Grosh, Gros, Gose, Groch and other such names.

Our research indicates that it comes from the Norman or Viking word "gos" as in Gosport, England, which has a meaning similar to important or in charge. Most Gosses came from the Norman settled areas after 1066 in devonshire and hampshire, England to the United States. The Goss herald is red and silver, which is one level below the royal herald of blue and gold.

Greg, you are going to find a few different views on the name of GOSS, depending on what time frame. The first name GOSS we found was in about 1200 in the Hungary/Austria area of Europe. One of the oldest beers still being produced is called "Gosser" beer and was made by a group of monks. We feel that is the area for all of the Goss lines origination. Many moved on to Switzerland, Germany, Italy, and England. Most of the present day Goss family members are from this English division. The German is probably made up of the original name of Gausse or "alleyway" or small path and quite probably indicates where he lived. A Frederich Gause was one of the best known mathematicians and appears on one of the German paper bills. We have talked to many with the Goss name that have shortened it from longer names, changed from GOSS to GASS and back to GOSS, depending on what they liked. Hope this gives you some insight. We have over 72,000 Goss family members in our database and have been researching for a number of years.

Somewhere along the way (certain in some not terribly scholarly book), we read that Goss was related to the Anglo or Saxon word for goose.

More recently, we heard from someone whose source was certainly more scholarly, that the name might be related to the Saxon word for "gutter" (which might tie in with the Gausse/alleyway in a previous response).

Very interesting ! we're glad the question was asked. My Aunt wrote to the US government in about the 1930s asking about the name. The reply in part said that all of the soundex spelling people are related. True or false who knows? When I was going to South Lake Tahoe Community College there was a huge map book open and I discovered a town of Goss in Austria. Later I became interested in genealogy & have found some form of Goss in practically every European nation. Evidently, to each his own (interpretation) I like to think it means "God's" and we are all related. Also a few years back some where I read "Mother Goose" was a singing /rhyming Mother Goss. Who can prove that one way or another? Anyway, they tell us genealogy is supposed to be fun. Thank you all.

Helen Irene (Goss) Nitschke